Behr Ul OUD by Misk Al Zanjan


بہُر العود: عود کی خوشبو کے مسحور کن سفر پر روانہ ہوں

نایاب اور قیمتی عود کی لکڑی کے تیل پر مبنی

مصالحے کے جھونکے جیسے الائچی اور زعفران

فِینش میں پھولوں کی ملائم خوشبو

مرد اور خواتین دونوں کے لیے موزوں

خاص مواقعوں کے لیے مثالی

لوچدار عود کا تیل

گرم اور مسالہ دار

सुगंधित اور متوازن

لمبی تاثیر

مرد اور خواتین دونوں کے لیے پسند


Behr Ul Oud: A Journey into the Heart of Agarwood

Behr Ul Oud invites you to embark on a captivating olfactory adventure. This exquisite fragrance is centered around the precious and potent oud oil, renowned for its deep, smoky, and woody aroma.

Woven into the heart of Behr Ul Oud are rich amber and balsamic notes, adding depth and warmth. Hints of spice like cardamom and saffron dance on the periphery, offering a touch of intrigue. As the fragrance dries down, subtle floral notes emerge, creating a touch of elegance and balance.

Behr Ul Oud is a truly unisex fragrance, perfect for those who appreciate sophisticated and long-lasting scents. It is ideal for special occasions where you want to leave a lasting impression.

Here’s what makes Behr Ul Oud truly special:

  • Luxurious Oud Oil: The star of the show, oud oil adds a depth and complexity unmatched by other fragrances.
  • Warm and Spicy: Amber and balsamic notes provide warmth, while hints of spice add a touch of intrigue.
  • Elegant and Balanced: Delicate floral notes emerge in the dry down, creating a sophisticated and well-rounded fragrance.
  • Long-Lasting: Behr Ul Oud leaves a lasting impression, ensuring you smell your best throughout the day.
  • Unisex Appeal: Perfect for both men and women who appreciate sophisticated scents.

Experience the captivating allure of Behr Ul Oud. Embrace the essence of luxury and embark on an unforgettable olfactory journey.


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