Raghba By Misk Al Zanjan


  • رغبہ: آسودگی اور رازوں کا ایک رقص (Raghba: Aasodgi aur raazon ka aik raqs)
  • حسی آسودگی اور مشرق کی روحانی کیفیت (Hissi aasodgi aur mashriq ki roohani keyfiyat)
  • مہکتی ونیلا اور عود کی گہرائی (Mehkti vanilla aur oud ki gehrayi)
  • مشک کی دلکش دھن، عود اور مٹھاس (Musk ki dilkash dhun, oud aur mithaas)
  • روح کو چھونے والا اور حوصلہ بلند کرنے والا (Rooh ko chhuone wala aur hosla buland karne wala)
  • گرم جنتار اور عمدہ صندل کی خوشبو (Garam jantar aur ummda chandan ki khushboo)
  • مہکتے مشک کا لمبے عرصے تک چلنے والا احساس (Mehkte musk ka lambay arse tak chalne wala احساس)
  • وہنیلا اور دھوئیں دار خوشبوؤں کا شاندار امتزاج (Vanilla aur dhuayein daar khushbooon ka shaandaar imtizaaj)
  • دن اور رات دونوں کے لیے موزوں (Din aur raat dono ke liye mojood)


Raghba: A Dance Between Opulence and Mystery

Raghba is more than just a fragrance; it’s an invitation to a world of sensual luxury and oriental mystique. Right from the first spritz, the magic of sweet vanilla and the mysterious depth of oud (agarwood) take center stage, setting a luxurious and enigmatic tone that promises an unforgettable olfactory journey.

At the heart of Raghba lies a captivating melody of musk, its sensual aroma intertwined with the sacred notes of incense and the sweet temptation of sugar. Each application feels like a precious elixir that touches the soul and uplifts the spirit.

As Raghba dries down, a symphony of elegance unfolds. The warmth of amber mingles with refined sandalwood, and a touch of musk lingers, creating a seductive yet sophisticated finish.

Raghba transcends the boundaries of a typical oriental fragrance. It’s a captivating masterpiece where the exquisite interplay of vanilla and smoky notes takes center stage. This fascinating fragrance is perfect for both day and evening wear, and its full splendor unfolds during the cooler seasons.

Here’s what makes Raghba truly special:

  • Aromatic Blend: Raghba boasts a captivating blend of vanilla, oud, musk, incense, sugar, sandalwood, and amber.
  • Unisex Appeal: This fragrance transcends gender, making it perfect for both men and women.
  • Luxurious and Enigmatic: Raghba exudes an aura of luxury and mystery, perfect for those who appreciate sophisticated scents.
  • Long-Lasting: Experience the captivating allure of Raghba throughout the day or evening.
  • Versatile Wear: Raghba is suitable for both daytime and nighttime occasions.
  • Ideal for Cooler Months: The fragrance truly comes alive during the cooler seasons.

Indulge in the captivating dance between opulence and mystery. Embrace the essence of Raghba today.


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